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Integrated Renewable Energy & Resource Efficiency Programme

iREREP Elements

iREREP is the official national Programme for Resource Efficiencies and Renewable Energy for Government facilities in a bid to meet sustainability targets of Government and South Africa at Large.

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI), supported by the Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC) has developed a programme that is aimed at rolling out:

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency element will procure energy savings through various technologies that seek to:

Improve thermal performances of building envelope
Improve HVAC and Refrigeration system performance
Reduce Energy consumption to produce hot water
Improve lighting system efficiency
Reduce electricity consumption via Monitoring and Control systems
Improve efficiency of electric system
Improvement of general process equipment
Improvement of special process equipment

Water Efficiency

The Water Efficiency element will procure water savings and water conservation through various water efficiency technologies including:

Water Efficiency Systems
Low-flow and water efficient dispenser
Leak Detection
Heating and Cooling
Food preparation
Water treatment
Water harvesting
Automatic and Sensor systems
Steam system retrofits
Water Efficient Appliances

Renewable Energy Generation

The Renewable Energy element will procure renewable energy technologies including:

Solar PV – Ground Mounted and Rooftop – in line with SSEG Regulation fom NERSA
Wind Energy
Geothermal Energy
Energy Storage
Improvement of special process equipment

Alternative Waste Management

The alternative Waste Management element of the Programme will procure waste management services that provide alternative solutions to the current waste management practices. The solutions must ensure diversion of waste from landfill and also make considerations for possible revenue generation opportunities through waste commercialization. The solutions to be procured will include:

Sorting of Waste
Waste to Energy
Anaerobic Digestion
Composting/Organic Waste Recycling
Advanced technologies (Pyrolisis, Gasification)